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SYSCO' s Research and Development department is a full 30% of its workforce. Sysco has such a large R&D department because it is always developing new products to stay ahead of the market.

All new machines are designed using the concept of modules. Modular design allows standardization of machine design while also allowing flexibility in machine applications.

SYSCO has recently developed two advanced components that will be used to produce extremely precise machines. These components are machine vision and advanced machine motion control. Using CCD cameras and SYSCO's proprietary software, machines will be able to see what they are doing and intelligently respond to what they see.

This machine vision is used ing conjunction with advanced machine motion control to ensure production accuracy. These two components, along with many other machine components, are combined to make precise, efficient ad reliable machine systems. SYSCO's R&D team is always focused on innovate the best machine components in prder to make the best machine for total solution in various industries.

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